How to run Xbox Online Games

First of all I am a big noob in Xbox. Any help is highly appreciated.

I have Xbox 360 , dash board updated to 17489 & XexMenu installed with Jtag/RGH Installed.

My kids want to play games Like Plant Vs Zombie, Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity 2, etc. But all these games require you to be online before story mode can even be started. Hence was wondering if anyone could help me how to play these games. I am not interested in playing online Like Multiplayer. I just want to start the game and then play the story mode or the single player mode. Is there any way to fool Xbox 360 to think it being online OR make any changes in the game files so that they don’t check for Xbox Live?

Please help, thanks.

Have you installed dashlaunch? Then you could try activating fake live to tricking the system to belive its online and let you through.

First of all, install dashlauch if you dont got it.

will Try it out, could you please elaborate on the steps to activate fake live?