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How to safely move a profile to usb?

Hey community,

im trying to move my profile via usb to mod it in horizon. Therefore i freshly download it from xbox live and move it to the usb (downloading directly to usb doesnt work on my xbox). Every single time i stick the usb stick out of my xbox and stick it back in, it tells me, that there isnt any profile. Even if i havent sticked it into pc…

Is there a special way to transfer? (e.g. playing a game for a bit and transfer afterwards?

Hopefully u can help me.

Kind regards

Did you format the flash drive?

Yes, i formatted the drive in fat 32 and afterwards on the box.

Used another usb stick. Its working now. :slight_smile:

How do you get a profile onto a USB on a Xbox ONE?

Can’t. No way to get it off Xbox one just 360