How To See If Your Being Watched On Cod Black Ops TuT

1. Load Up Black OPs
2. Go To “Multiplayer”
3. Go To “Options” In The “Multiplayer Menu”
4. Press “Back” On The Controller So “System Info” Appears
5. Second On Down Is “Connectivity Information.” If It Says:

* Not Being Monitored - A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J
* Being Monitored Should Be Out Of Order Like - A.B.C.H.D.E.H.F < Not Accurate
* Banned Should Appear As - A.B.-.-.-.-.-.H.-.-

[b]And Thats How To See If Treyarch Are Spying On You

Hope This Helps, Guys.[/b]

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Thanks for this

Nice find, didn’t know they were watching certain people.

thats cool

thanks man!

Wow, I never knew that. Thanks man!

when i get on ill check im propz are being watched been banned of server Twice Lolz
and Nice Find :smiley:

ok for everyone posting one word replies saying thanks its unnecessary there is a button for that and you’ve all been around long enough to see that it exists… now for on topic, epic post dude i did not know that you could even find that out :o

That is a cool find thank’s for this i would of never of guessed this.

didnt know this im not being watched atm thanks bro :smiley:

Has Cheater been being monitored since the game first came out? Also, this is awesome, thanks!

Very nice! never knew about this before.

rofl! i was being watched and did nothing

Thanks guys also hit thanks

Thankyouuu, very easy to follow. (:

I like how nobody is asking for the source.

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Thanks for this will help alot of people already got banned :smiley:

wow this awesome i got to go check if im being watched