How to share your worlds online?

I have loads of multiplayer maps I have made over the years and no one to play them with, they are good quality and I want to put them out there for others to download and play with friends, but every website I have tried hasn’t accepted the format that horizon converts them to when I put them onto my computer. Anybody have any ideas on how I can get my maps played and not have my work go to waste?

When you extract them to your computer with Horizon they should be bin files. The websites probably want them to be in a .zip or .rar archive. Try right clicking on one and see if you have the option to “Add to archive” or 7-Zip like I do in the image below. If you don’t have either, download winrar or 7-Zip and add your save to an archive. Then try uploading that archived map/save on one of those websites again. Or tell us what it’s saying for an error when you try to upload them.

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