How To Spam Your Friends 2011

Indie Game- M2AF: Message to All Friends

i dont like spamming my friends… they are my friends for a reason :wink:

bin getting these for like 3days

Me too, but for some people this might be useful

i made a thread about this app about 2 days ago :smile: i would be more than happy to add this video to my thread though :smile:

I before E except after C or when sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh. :wink:

Nice tutorial though, I did always wonder how people sent those messages. That never occurred to me.

Ya sure, you can I add it thanks :laughing:

You spelt “Friends” wrong.

I realised that a couple of minutes ago, I can’t believe I spelt it wrong :confused:


S - O - C - I - E - T - Y

The real question is, why would you spend a dollar when you can do this for free? Is it only friends or recent players, too?

Hey I wanted to start doing commentarys and was just wondering how you do it do u record your voice on the comp at the same time of capping your image or what

haha ima use my turbo.

Ya thts true but this will b fun:D:D

I don’t I use a pvr to record it then record my voice while previewing it, then I put both my voice and the clip in sony vegas and render

no only freinds and you can do this alot faster, plus if you want to you can group certain freinds together and select the group instead of all your freinds to just spam those; you can also spam alot faster with this.

I bet that’ll be fun :laughing:

This is going to get taken down lol.

thanks, maybe while your at it you could ban my account too :laughing:

Sorry i just wanted to say, I saw that comment feed in you JTAG Fails Spoiler, i laughed so hard, haha.

very true, but its funny