How to swap banned GT's for free

Ok everyone I’m just going to tell you all this method it was founded by Savior on HF but he said u could share it.

Step 1- recover the banned gamertag onto you console.
Step 2- go to the account management page and go to change windows live ID.
Step 3- have your computer beside you and go to and select sign up for a windows live ID.
Step 4- create a the windows live I’d then go to zune.netted sign in with your new email.
Step 5- this should bring you to the zune page were you have to fill out your D.O.B. leave it at this page.
Step 6- go back on your xbox and change the windows live ID to the one you just made on your computer
Step 7- go back on your computer on the zune page click next and it will log you in to the banned gamertag. Then just got to change zune tag.

Dayum nice!

Why is this in the News section :?

Because it is news. durr

More like a tutorial. IMO.

Do we have a tut section?

NVM delete this

Work for accounts no ban ?

Its not free dumbass you still have to pay 800 msp

Step 1 is impossible?
So is step 2?
You still need 800 MSP.
You can’t change Zune tag on UK accounts.

Recovery method. Get halfway, then ban message.
Load account on Horizon.
Change from recovering to recovered.

Get off this site if your gonna troll.

  1. Nope you can recover gamertags without error. I did yesterday go figure?
  2. Do the method to get on XBL while banned

This works I did it the other day and had my doubts

What’s the method to get on Xbox Live while banned?

Also I know how to sign into my banned account on Zune anyway, this method is long and pointless, the only reason I replied to this thread because it says it was free, which it isn’t.

What I said
Get halfway through recovering, you’ll get an error
Load the account on Horizon’s account editor
Change it from recovering
Sign in.

curious as to if this works on normal tags that arent banned

Ok I’ll give it a ago, I already had my account on an old HDD so didn’t think you could sign into old accounts. I’ll delete my account and recover it and get the error blah blah blah.

Edit: The account recovered fine… but still says Disconnected and won’t connect to Xbox Live.

you need to use the banned methods to sign into it

use my thread here. there are 2 methods on there you can use[tut]-how-recover-banned-xbl-account.html

So is this working or not?