How to teach a girl to play video games?

My girlfriend is eager to learn, im trying to teach her its just shes soooooo slow at it, with aiming and looking and moving. Are there any tips i can give her on learning faster and getting better?


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make it rain once she does something right

You have to start her out on something easy and work her on up to shooters. If she sucks at Super Mario Bros. you might be screwed altogether. Good luck man.

Im trying on her out on AW with recruit bots.

Motivate her with sex.

A wise man once said, “You can lead a girl to a controller, but you can’t teach her how to play”. In other words, you’re in deep ****.

I think she needs to turn him on with a few clean headshots first, am I wrong? Then he can get his headshot

I’ve played Diablo 3 on the 360 with my gf and it went surprisingly well. Controls are super easy to pick up and learn and the co-op just adds to the fun, I suggest picking it up on the one if you have it.

If you aren’t used to using a controller, there is nothing you can do other than practice. I think avid video game players underestimate the amount of coordination required in most video games.

Your doing it all wrong She has to start out with a simple joystick if you know what I mean :wink:

Do note product varies compared to the meaty version of this stick ^ LOL

If CoD is her first vidya gaem experience ever, you’re doing it wrong.

Start her out on something like minecraft or little big planet. Work your way up to harder stuff if you get what I’m sayin.