How to transfer Forza Horizon profile to a different profile?

Hi, I’m new to WeMod, and I’m trying to transfer a game (Forza Horizon) from one Xbox profile to another on my Xbox 360. In a YouTube video I’ve found online that uses the Horizon Tool to transfer Xbox profiles, however the comments say that doing this corrupts the save and makes it “Damaged”. Is this still an issue? I need to transfer my saves over to my main account on my Xbox.

I might also add that in the end I’m trying to load up the Forza Horizon game on my Xbox One, and I need to copy / move the saves to the Cloud Save Feature on my Xbox, which is where I’m stuck at. It’s not letting me copy it over, since it’s made on a different account. It all says, “Unknown Profile”.

Update: I just tried it out, and it does crash my game. I reverted the changes.

What can I do?