How to unban yourself from call of duty black ops servers

I found this very interesting when i was looking through TTG, not sure if it works though you all are welcome to try it.

Here is the TuT i found:

What you need:
Transfer Cable or USB
2 Xbox Controllers

Make a Copy of your banned profile on your computer
Open the second copy of your profile into horizon and change the profile ID to:

Put that profile back into your HDD or USB and turn on your Xbox
Now go onto Black Ops and select Multiplayer


Second Controller:

  1. Sign onto your Banned profile on your Second Controller

  2. Hover over your Banned Account

  3. Back Out

  4. Go to Local>Splitscreen

  5. Click the Y Button and go over to “xbox live party”

---------MAKE SURE YOU IN A PARTY CHAT--------

  1. Click combat record

  2. Press the “b” button

It will take you to your playercard

  1. Hover over the “prestige mode” ----------You do not need to be level 50---------

  2. Join your friend’s session on your non banned account.

****It will transfer your banned account with you

This is not my TuT, all credit goes to TTG SEAN, it most likely works if he posted it haha

Hope this helped

You don’t gain xp however.

I thought i said that oh well yeah you cant .

Does this physicly unban you from the servers or allow you to play then when you get off your still banned?

You cannot be unbanned from the servers unless Treyarch does it. It just tricks it into letting you play.

Ahh i see then i see no point in it play for a hour or 2 and rank up then get offline and have to do the trick 24/7 when it gonna be patched if works.

You cannot unban yourself as your xuid gets banned also change that u cant connect xbox live


Wasn’t this posted a couple of weeks ago when .GPD modding was still going? Or is this a different tutorial?

I’m getting sick and tired of these misleading titles. I’ve seen numerous threads from other forums and websites that say how to un-ban yourself from Black Ops then it’s some crap like this. So when I read the title, I’m like :thumbsup: and then I read the thread and I’m like :cry:

Sorry but seriously.