How to unbann yourself from FORZA 3

Make sure you read the “warning” and “note” section as well to avoid future bannhammers.

A few weeks ago I bought a car from a friend, in the auction house, for 500,000,000cr. Immediatly a notification popped up with the following message…

“You have been flagged by the game’s ani-cheating mechanisms. Your profile will no longer be able to use the auction house, or other Turn 10 features.”

This banned me from buying any tunes, vinyls, designs, recieving gift cars, or using the auction house. Though I could still sell things from my storefront.

I posted a thread and asked for some help on the matter. After trying a few things, we’ve concluded. Delete your old “ForzaProfile” from your HDD. This will make you start from scratch. Go race the first race over again, buy your first car. Turn off your system and go mod your new gamesave. When you come back you will have 999,999,999cr, 2,030,000xp, and driver level 50. And you will be allowed to use the all of the normal features again. Deleting your old gamesave still allows you to keep any vinyl groups, designs, or tunes that you have saved or purchased.

WARNING!!!..Back up your original game save if you have a “unicorn car” like I do, or if you are close to completing the event list. Because this will remove any cars you previously had, as well as start your career progress over again. And I would avoid going over 200,000,000cr buyout in the auction house to keep it safe(verified to work as of today) I still don’t go over 100,000,000cr. If you buy a car from a friend make sure you view their auctions through their s.f. and resolve it immediatly, to avoid anyone reporting the auction.

NOTE…If you have been banned for having offensive content on your s.f. and have recieved a time limit(example, 355 hours left untill the ban is lifted), please try this and post your results to see if it will work.

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Good post, and nice find!

Good post…but i deleted all my cars by accident :anguished:

That’s no good. You know horizon has a back up button on the bottom right corner, to avoid doing this again highlight it.

This was already posted Here Sorry for the inconvenience. Dont know why he posted it in Diamond Section.

I posted this in the diamond only section?

No the original poster did. The thread before this one in my post above.

I was about to say, lol. I posted this yesterday in the “modding support” section. Thought I made the same mistake twice.

Please remember to post your results for the time limit ban, I’m interested to find out if it works for that ass well.

Thanks for this post this helped me alot this should be sticky’d

What exactly does that mean? And how do I make it sticky? And don’t type thanks click the button.

I posted this in the diamond section because only diamond users should be worried about being banned for modding since its a diamond exclusive tool…:slight_smile:

Even so, people would like to know how to get unbanned. You could in general, just delete your old gamesave, and restart from fresh, without modding your account. But F that.

True. Sucks for them :smiley:

I thought that happend to me once, scariest thing ever, I can handle losing most cars, but not my Subaru S204.

Ok now trying this method, i got banned like febuary/march 2010 and banned since, when i try to do anything it says "this feature has been temporarily disabled"
well thats some temp…
anyway will edit if it does not work (looks good though)

You will get it stickied if the mods think its a quality post and worthy of a sticky.

Hope i helped :smile:

Great post!

very good post dude nice job!

Thanks Now I Can Mod Again.