How to unlink email from call of duty elite?

Okay guy’s so i linked my gamer-tag to call of duty elite but misspelled the email address for my account and am trying to figure out how to unlink it!

By the way this is the call of duty elite app now on the marketplace on xbox dashboard im talking about.

it keeps saying on the call of duty elite app… It appears that your email address has not been verified yet. An email verification is required to activate your call of duty elite account, if you would like the activation email resent, please us the button below.

             REGISTERED EMAIL: J********

The email address above does not exist by the way cause i spelled it wrong and thats why I’m trying to figure out how to change it! help me

Try emailing them at



Just go into your account and change the email for you. I changed the email before my account was verified.

how do i do that :expressionless:

you might not be able to right now because the site isn’t working, but if you go to the account page and you should be able to enter a new email address.