How to Unlock All Defiance Pre-Order and Limited Edition Content

You do it through the Ark Codes, check the video and Description, its easy, and not against the rules in any way shape or form.

Awesome, gonna have to do this when the game lets me play again :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you get the challenger?
It only give me so many unlocks, but never give me the challenger :anguished:

I think the video’s a little misleading, the Challenger is from a code you redeem with the pre-order edition, you don’t get it from Ark Codes :anguished:

I’ll be trying this out when I pick the game up later this month. Thanks for the info.

Yeah thought at much.

Please rename the topic please you dont get the pre orders.
But nice find just entered these codes now level 103 haha.

Yes sir you can claim your rewards on any character that you create.they will be in the claim section in the shop.

Yes you can claim all your pre order items and any outfit/headgear that you buy from the store, the only thing that i notice that cannot be claim is the bag pack space that you may buy with the bits.

Misleading title is misleading.

you do actually get some of the stuff but not the challenger and bits… so dont be hating go spend some money lmao… but i do have extra codes from limited edition hit me up maybe i will give…:thumbsup:

i wanted the challenger