How to unlock all of the relics in fortresscraft

Please just delete this.

Take modio off and use horizon >.>

Do’s horizon have a device explorer?
I don’t think so, so I will have to use modio.

^What he said^[gamesave][direct-download]-fortresscraft-[all-relics-unlocked].html

:expressionless: That’s my save, I can tell from the map in the video…that’s my map. damn leechers.

Your video:

Video tractionz made for my thread, with my gamesave:

Sorry Kink, I saw a post on 360ISO and he didn’t give credits

i like how everyone see my video then they try and copy it :confused:

USBXtaf > Modio

Fungun, you should just admit you failed harder then Obama.

I would like if you linked the gamesave download to my thread, thanks.

Actually it does have a device explorer you just don’t have access to it.

Kinks Is Better :smile:

It is Kinks…