How to unmod your **** even if your synced

so i had this same problem and i was like **** this game but then i decided to open up horizon and try it again.

  1. load that hard drive
  2. go to games -> gears of war 3 -> then drag your player data from your hard drive like 5 centimeters to the left and into horizon
  3. now click mod package
  4. now change all your medals and ribbons back to normal so u don’t freeze every game
  5. then just click save and your done

I would try this… BUT

It won’t open my playerdata? O_o

You have teh profile?

can i talk to you on aim about teamviewer so i can help

Yep. Profile AND the thing both on desktop. Gives me the error I posted in my thread.
I’m so derp right now.

Edit: I don’t got TV O_o. But yea…

When you get a TV play gears so it updates your player data, then dashboard, then mod it. I had the same problem and that worked for me.

wait… So I have to change everything like this?

Is 50,000 ok?

And do I haveto literally do all o these also?

uhm the medals wont freeze your game, but you have to do all the ribbons, and also i would lower the ribbons by one less digit

dang lol all im modding is skins :stuck_out_tongue:

So put everything in the top box down to 5000 each?

yep, 4 diigit everything, and lower your kills if you modded those too.

Just re-modded everything down low, kills deaths everything. Gonna see i it syncs.
Edit: Ribbons and everything else I modded was put back to normal.
Now to see i multiplayer works…

Confirming this is a 100% fix!
I have no problems playing the entire game, horde matches - NOTHING.
Thank you <3.

i have a problem it’s look like when i grab down people it’s freeze anybody know why?

This is going to take a while to change all of the values but I’ll be happy to be able to play again without freezing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably your Kills Holding Captive are to high, change it to five digits or less.

What if the ONYK medals ssay a -number how do you get them gone

Shall I lower the ribbon max?

Why don’t they just make a reset button that put it to 0

lower it by one digit, and also lower the medal one since thats harder to change

507 views and no thanks! lol

Please I am fed up with this I love horizon it never let’s me down.But this is just stupid I fixed It then it went corrupt reload game now it crashes again -_-