How to upload a Black Ops clip to YouTube directly from the game

Step 1: Go here Call of Duty: Black Ops and make an account. (skip if you have one)
Step 2: Go to Call of Duty: Black Ops and Link your Xbox account.
Step 3: on Call of Duty: Black Ops scroll to the bottom and hit "Link youtube account"
Step 4: On CoDBO Find a good clip (less than 30 seconds) and save it to your fileshare.
Step 5: Open your fileshare and find your saved video select it to play, then Select “Render Clip” then let it do its thing!

Step 6: (Only do this is there is no loading circle/estimated time!!) Eject your disc then put it back in, start up BO and repeat step 5!

Your video will be uploaded from Call of Duty servers to your youtube account. it may take a while and it won’t appear instantly. once done you can edit everything :smile:

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and here is a vid i made!

About time this is freakign awesome now I can do commentaries


“Step 4: On CoDBO Find a good clip (less than 30 seconds) and save it to your fileshare.”

sad face. only if it could be longer. lol

I’m so happy I have the PC version :wink:

Damn that’s pretty badass. Didn’t know you could do that O_o

lol I’ve had an account there for over a year!

Wait, where do I link my GT at?

I can’t find it.

Lul, you got like 7 humilitations!

i need to find my GT aswell :confused:

No HD option? Are you serious or can you do HD?
Because that would be ridiculous if it’s recording it directly from the game but can only go 360p

you need world at war for the vip code?

it seems like it too me :confused: good thing i got a copy of it layin around

Yes, because they included the code with a game that came out 2 years earlier.

… … … Why would it be with W@W? Do you even think at all?

Wait it can only be 30 seconds long?

noooo 3 duhhh

i got 6 in the whole game :wink:

Sweet I wanted to know this

i was not asked for a VIP code :stuck_out_tongue:

The quality on that is just as bad or worse than my Dazzle. :confused:

To everyone having trouble with the linking account thing. You sign in and click Theater on the menu up top.