How to use Horizon

I know that I’m kind of like a fall behind guy.While others use Xbox one I still am interested in thinking about purchasing a Xbox 360.I know it’s very old now I gotta do something about gaming otherwise I’ll just be another person ended up just watching others play while I still on my couch and commenting people.So I have to step up here.So I know that there’s “Infinty” for PC.Which I’m impressed about the simplicity of using it.Although there might be some flaws but I can overcome.But what about this “Horizon”.It’s for Xbox 360 right?But how do you use it.There are some tweaks and adjusting in the mod tool but how do you activate the tools.I’m planning to buy an Xbox 360 soon so please tell me how?Thank you.

Are there any cheats like Infinity health or ammo or max money in Horizon?

Horizon modifies your saved game files on a flash drive. For example, your save might record that you have 50 bullets in your gun. Horizon would change that to 100000 for “unlimited” ammo.

What about infinity health?Is there a mod for that too?

Every game is different. Some games only have unlimited money, others have custom stats, custom game modes, etc.

It’s ok to reply no it’s impossible or it can’t be done from what I’m about to ask you.But sometimes there’re xbox game mods that is not in the list.Is it possible to request a game mod on horizon.If it can’t be done then I can understand.Thank you

You can, but it’s not guaranteed that we’ll add it. The 360 is pretty old now, so we’ll only be adding new and popular games.

Don’t forget frank backwards compatibility on xbox one uses the xbox 360 cloud saves so if you have a 360 still you can put them on USB and mod them and put them back.

So there is a small reason to continue horizon possibly

How many games currently allow that? Off the top of your head.

A good 30 or so, there is a list out there

30 was very low

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Oh damn that’s a nice list. It seems unlikely that new backwards compatible games will be released, however.

If you said you only add new games,what does that mean?The question is that are there any horizon mods on xbox one?

the xbox one iteself is not moddable but with backwards compatibility you can access the saves the Xbox One uses from a 360 because there is an option to save games in the cloud which is where the xbox one grabs the save from

Horizon does not support Xbox One has no one has found an exploit that would allow us to do so. We are only considering adding new popular games like NBA 2k17. Xbox 360 is basically on its last leg and it won’t be long before support for it is dropped by all game devs.

Before using Horizon,do I have to change the Original xbox system to RGH system first or it can be use both.You know what RGH system is right?It’s where you can play both copyright and pirated xbox 360 games.

You don’t need a rgh. All modding is done on a computer.

Is there going to be NBA 2K18 for 360 on horizon?

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That isn’t up to me but my guess is no. @unknown_v2 any plans for an NBA2k18 tool for 360?