How to use Infinity cheats while using Steam Link/Big Picture Mode?

I play my games through Steam Link’s Big Picture Mode on my TV with a PS3 controller wirelessly connected.

I’ve been playing a range of Steam and Non-Steam games through Steam Link perfectly. However I can’t figure out how to use Infinity in conjunction with the game I want. When I run the game through steam, then open up Infinity, it doesnt detect that the game is running and therefore can’t choose any cheats.

Running the game through Infinity means it wont go through Steam Link/Big Picture Mode and I can’t play on my TV.

Are there any launch options I can use? Any help appreciated, thanks.

It works cuz I use it on my deck to play steam
Just start like usual then hit back to desk top on computer then can start infinity and good to go
I usually start the game then at the title screen run back to my pc and hit the windows button. Played a bunch of games this way

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