How to work Horizon

Hi, I just found out about Horizon yesterday and I have no idea how to use it. I watched a video from 2010 about how to use it but I’m still confused. I don’t know how to go onto online mode since it’s always offline. A big thing I don’t understand is when it asks me to open a file on my computer. Do I need data from my Xbox 360 to be on my computer? I don’t get how to use this at all so if you could help me out, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

For your offline issue try temporarily disabling your AV, or you could try uninstalling Horizon and reinstalling after downloading it from this link: Since you’re not a Diamond member it doesn’t matter if you’re in offline mode though.

Modding with Horizon is mainly done by using a USB flash drive that you’ve configured on your Xbox 360 for Xbox 360 storage. After doing that you can move game saves and profiles to it from your hard drive, and then mod them with Horizon.

Oh okay, now I think I get it. Thanks and btw, what is AV?