How would recover my gamertag on the new dashboard?

You know if it ever gets corrupted? Will thank first person to respond.

All you have to do is recover it exactly the same way. I think you just have to hit the guide button and then hit recover. Unless they changed it.

When you not signed in. Hit the guide button and there is an option to “Download Profile”

after I download it, does it save the profile on to my xbox and stays on there?


Yes, that is what downloading is, it’s copying something from somewhere to your local machine… It’s not going anywhere unless you delete it/move it

So what information do I have to put in to Recover it? Cause I accidentally deleted my main profile (modded it, accidentally deleted it) and the last time I was on Live was before I got into modding.

The e-mail address and password associated with the gamertag.

with the new dashboard update when you recover your profile it saves differently now… My profile used to take 30-40 minutes to download, now it only take 2-3. I opened up my hard drive and saved my profile sting to my desktop, I noticed the file is only 2MB now when it used to be 13…

also it will not longer let me mod achievements, once you recover your gamertag you can no longer use any programs to mod gamerscore :anguished: ive tried profile editor and horizon and both are now patched… I think microsoft is now saving achievement data on the “cloud” service network instead of your harddrive to prevent modding…

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