How's it goin' folks?

Name’s not important, but feel free to call me UncleTommy or Tommy/Tom though. 27 years old, male and Irish-American. As you may have guessed I’m a big fan of Dropkick Murphy’s. I love music in general really, especially rock and metal. I work as a private security guard right now but I may become a trucker in the coming year. I joined because I wanted to get some more playtime out of games that I’ve beaten and grown bored with. What better way to do that than to mess around with cheats right?! Hahah! I play Fallout New Vegas and Payday 2 a lot, still hop on L4D2 and TF2 from time to time as well. I have no modding experience outside of installing and playing 'em. I used to play football and swim a lot when I was in school, now I mainly go on hikes or hit the range. Sometimes I just drive around aimlessly because I’m bored…


Welcome Mr Tom. Nice having you here in the community. :wave: :slight_smile:

Name is Ravenfyre. Not my real-life name, but it should be.
I see you’re a fellow Fallout: NV fan. Have you played any other games in the Fallout series? There’s a massive discount on them right now for Steam: [Discount] [Steam] All Fallout games. Expires 4th Dec.

Cheating is a great way to get more playtime out of your favourite games, indeed. Especially those games which have pesky collectible items that are easy to miss on your first 23,000 playthroughs. :laughing:

Enjoy the community. We don’t bite, don’t worry. We nibble very gently.

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Thank you Ravenfyre, it’s nice to be here.

I’ve played almost every Fallout game, save for 76 and Piece Of Sh- I mean, Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel. Heh, old habit from my days on the NMA forums. I have been meaning to buy the DLC’s for Fallout 4 though so maybe it’s time.

Hayyy welcome to wemod. Glad you found us. Ya nice place here. It’s nice to beat some of the hard games even tho I use it for every game now ! But have fun !

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