Hubblot Reporting In

Hello WeMod Community!

I go by the moniker ‘Hubblot’ and am a Canadian gamer.

Thanks to the WeMod tool, I’ve started getting more involved with the PC side of gaming. I own an Xbox One and have even purchased the PC version of the games I already have because of how amazing WeMod works (worth it)! XD Additionally, I also am a mobile gamer (maining Disgaea RPG and Mobile Legends atm).

My current focus is Elden Ring and it is my first Souls game. I really love the exploration aspect of it and with the mods on my side, can do so relatively stress-free (fall death remains my bane because of my cluelessness at times). Yes, the mods have been so convenient in enabling me to enjoy gaming content at my own pace.

I work as a pharmacy technician in a university hospital and my wife is a pharmacist working in community side of the profession. Gaming is a huge source of relief from the hustle and bustle of work. Whew.

Additionally, I would to have light shed upon how the selection of games to get mods/trainers work? I have a title in mind, but to go ‘gimme cheats for this game please’ sounds hella selfish and demanding.

Alas, thank you guys for this service and content you provide. For casual/busy gamers, it’s heaven-sent to have this sort of convenience to game on our own terms!

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First off- I totally get you about the wemod trainers helping so much for people like us who have a lot on their plates. (Family, work, and other life commitments.)

To answer your question about how to request trainers for games-

You can go to the game list Link- WeMod - Browse All Supported Games

You type in the search bar for the desired games to see if there’s already a trainer made for it or not? (Be mindful of the platform- some games may have trainers for Steam, but not for Epic, for instance).

If not, click on the “notify me” button. The more people click on that “notify me” button, the more demand there would be for the said game. If the said game prove to be popular enough or in demand enough, a trainer would be made for it.

Hope that answer the question for you! Feel free to ask any additional questions.

By the way, welcome to the forums!


Hello Fibby! Thank you for the warm welcome!

Thanks for the advice! Thankfully the game is available via Steam!

Another question I have is how do boosts get replenished? I currently have 99 boosts and would love to support the awesome creators who provide their services for us.

You get a new amount of boosts on a monthly basis. I’m not sure how much you get per month, but I currently have 265, and I have been using my boosts to vote for games I’d like to see. Clearly you get more than you really need.

Copied from Wemod’s FAQ:

What are boosts and how do I get them?

Boosts are used to influence the priority of games in the queue. The more boosts a game has, the more likely it is to be worked on sooner than games higher up in the queue. After boosting a game, you may not see a change in its position until a member of the WeMod team reevaluates the order of the queue.

Boosts can mean the difference between us working on a game next week instead of next month. Since they hold great influence over the games WeMod users can cheat in next, boosts may only be obtained by Pro members. By supporting us with Pro, you get a set amount of boosts per month to use on any games in the queue. You also have the option of boosting a single game as many times as you’d like.

I see, thanks for the info! I’ll hold onto these boosts for the most part for my game until it comes out.

Welcome! Thanks for going Pro already. It means a lot to us :slight_smile:

It is a pleasure! WeMod has redefined the way I game – on my own terms! :sunglasses: