Human: Fall Flat Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thank you for your reply.
Even if I start Human:FallFlat and start moving around, even if I start Wemod, Super Jump will not start.
It turns on for a moment, but then turns off.

try to Verify integrity Files by right-clicking on the game and click Properties. Click on the Local Files tab. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. Then force quit/close the WeMod App then re-launch the apps.

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order done

  1. Launch SteamPortal → Check file integrity of HFF → ok
    2.Start Wemod → Force quit

  2. Close SteamPortai

  3. Start Wemod → Start HFF from Wemod → Super Jump cannot be used

  4. Launch SteamPortal → Launch HFF from SteamPortal → Launch Wemod → Super Jump cannot be used
    4.Forcibly quit SteamPortal and Wemod → Restart → Tried steps 3 and 4, but Super Jump cannot be used

This is the current situation.

Got it. What you need to do here is now is to reinstall both WeMod App and the game on steam. Please save your load games before reinstall.

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Thank you for your reply.

  1. Delete the Steam app
  2. Delete Wemod
    3.Restart your PC
  3. Install Steam
    5.Install Wemod

I tried it, but Super Jump doesn’t start.
It turns on when I start HFF, but
It turns off when you run the game.

Is it possible to request that the program be repaired?

Yeah none of the mods work it needs an update

I assume you guys have your game on Steam and are not trying to use the mods in multiplayer. Could you please describe to us what you are experiencing with the mods? Do the mod options toggle on when activated?

What is happening with the MOD.
The F3 key: super jump doesn’t work.
Changing the startup order of HFF and Wemod doesn’t work either.
The moment you press the F3 key it turns on,
but turns off after 1-2 seconds.
After that, the key press sound comes out, but the Wemod stops responding.
The F2 key for continuous jumps works.
Please do something about this.
I don’t live in an English-speaking country so I’m writing this using a translation app.
I apologize if my English is incorrect.

got it. will inform the team so they can evaluate and test it. will get back to you once I have news.

The Human: Fall Flat cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements