Humankind Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Please update @MrAntiFun


update please @MrAntiFun


please update @MrAntiFun


+1 for update @MrAntiFun pretty please.


hello I do not know what I do wrong but I do not want to work


Where is our UPDATE!

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Please stop spamming, it will not make an update happen any faster. Once the game has been tested by a tester, it will be added to the queue if necessary and updated as soon as possible.


We don’t spam, Chris, we worry about the lack of information that we had experienced before your message.

We pay for this product, on my point of view one of the best trainers available that included support, boosters… I don’t think we, as a costumer, deserve being called spammers just to ask for information since my post had any official answer.


I think they’re more referring to ItsLuca spamming

In any case, Chris is right. A tester needs to test the trainer first to determine what’s broken (if anything), then they’ll report it to the trainer developer to fix it if necessary.


First time using WeMod understand ETAs cannot be given but roughly how long do these things take to go through testing etc…

Really missing playing Humankind with the mods

It depends on how much is on the trainer developer’s plate at the time, how many mods are broken, and also how many people boost this/other games in the queue.

Unfortunately, we can’t give a rough estimate on how long it takes to test.

Gut Ding braucht Weile.


Shame that this trainer seems to have been ignored. Considering that it has high usage I would have expected more care to attention.

It’s actually updated

Considering I’ve never found a trainer to be more frustrating to use, I’d have to disagree.

Works perfectly fine for me. Did you read the instructions next to each cheat before applying

if iI press the start button at Wemod,
“these mods may not work with your game version. do you want to test tem ou anyway”
how about you?

Has been working fine for me, however i see there is patch in my downloads so gonna check it out

Edit: After playing for a few hours i can say everything works fine for me

Science cheat is either not functioning or I’m misunderstanding the guide for it.

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