Humankind Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Oh, OK, thanks dude! :ok_hand:

Wait one more thing, does these cheats work on Crack?

How to use Freeze Research point ?

WeMod does not condone piracy and the cheats are not tested on pirated copies.

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Ah OK, just asking

Trainer not working with the newest version of the game.

I know the trainer isn’t meant to be run with the beta versions but Godmode on the Bolivar Beta only works for the enemy and not human. Just had my 4 strong hunting group wiped by a single deer (yes I did keep attacking and didn’t turn the cheat off for the lols).

Just a bit of funny feedback, not seriously looking for trainers to work with every beta.

It’s time to update,please.

Any chance of an update? :smile:

MrAntiFun Thank you .

Anyone knows how to make the research cheat work?

No, at the last era it does not work anymore, I have also read that I am not the only one with the problem

Will Humankind trainer get updated for Steam? I have been patiently for the trainer update like for days like I cannot get started with trainers on a new game first.

I suppose I’ll go without using the trainer first while waiting for the game since the latest trainer update won’t possibly work with the latest game version.

Cheers. :ok_hand:t2:

Since the last update the “godmode” does not work. I do not know why, but my troops just died.

Ironically, this was working with the outdated version, for me at least. Right now only unlimited movement, add money, and add influence works. This is all I use, so I don’t know what other options are functioning properly.

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Not sure if it’s just me but it’s causing both the game and wemod crashes.

The trainer for Humankind is no longer working with the new DLC


It’d be really awesome if someone can update WeMod. It currently doesn’t work for the new DLC


We need an Update!!


Yes, pleeeaase @MrAntiFun