Humankind Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Oh, OK, thanks dude! :ok_hand:

Wait one more thing, does these cheats work on Crack?

How to use Freeze Research point ?

WeMod does not condone piracy and the cheats are not tested on pirated copies.

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Ah OK, just asking

Trainer not working with the newest version of the game.

I know the trainer isn’t meant to be run with the beta versions but Godmode on the Bolivar Beta only works for the enemy and not human. Just had my 4 strong hunting group wiped by a single deer (yes I did keep attacking and didn’t turn the cheat off for the lols).

Just a bit of funny feedback, not seriously looking for trainers to work with every beta.

It’s time to update,please.

Any chance of an update? :smile:

MrAntiFun Thank you .

Anyone knows how to make the research cheat work?

No, at the last era it does not work anymore, I have also read that I am not the only one with the problem

Will Humankind trainer get updated for Steam? I have been patiently for the trainer update like for days like I cannot get started with trainers on a new game first.

I suppose I’ll go without using the trainer first while waiting for the game since the latest trainer update won’t possibly work with the latest game version.

Cheers. :ok_hand:t2: