Humble GameMaker Bundle

This is an Amazing deal

for $15 you can have like $900 worth

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But is it really worth it? I’ve wondered just how much you can use what you learn from these things.

Yeah, its fun to have. But i bet 95% of those buying this pack.
Wont start making a game any day soon.

Yeah. You wouldn’t understand a word from the source code of games unless you have a programming and game development background, i know i wouldn’t lol. The automated tools are nice but who has the time.

Its really an amazing offer for people already into game dev tho

At the same time it would be quite foreign to most…it technically has the potential to offer some insight as to the serial key used for X1 encryption.
Of course most People act like it is such rocket science to reasonably figure out the missing info you want from the info that IS available.

I did open it and it has tutorial and stuff built right in which is nice havent mess around with it thoug

Its not rocket sience no if you use Game Maker. Its pretty easy tho.
But it take a year anyway to make a game. Or depending how good you want to make it ofc.