Hundreds of features have been added to Xbox One in its first year

[/img]Later this month, Xbox One will celebrate its one year anniversary, and Microsoft is marking the occasion by listing the various changes and updates made to the console, many of which were based on user feedback.

As you can see,via Major Nelson’s blog, there have been hundreds of new features added since November 22, 2013 – and the list shows only the “most popular” features.

Here’s some highlights: custom backgrounds (number on fan-requested feature), new friends section and achievements app, Snap updates, mobile purchasing, silent reboot and boot to TV, and more.

If you head through the link, you can also look back over each Xbox One update from February through November.

Microsoft said it remains committed to “continuous innovation” regarding the user’s Xbox One experience.


Dashboard still freezes and some apps don’t load.

I’ve never had the dashboard freeze or an app not load. I don’t use the apps much though.

OT: I’m glad to see all the updates and look forward to seeing how much better it gets.

Still no voice messages. I had them on my original xbox on halo 2.

What a joke…

like… sending a message but voice? We’ve always had that…?