I am a very happy man right now

My friend (level 25 and did nothing the whole game) and I (level 26) managed to beat the nightfall strike today on the Nexus Venus mission. Took us three tries and over 2 hours to beat it but I finally managed to do it with my Icebreaker. I also ended up getting the Mask of the Third Man exotic helmet as a reward while my friend got a legendary fusion rifle (Even though he already has one, kinda glad he got it since I did all the work). I would advise not doing the nightfall as a level 26 since nothing except my launcher or sniper did anything.

Sorry for making such a lame thread but I’m pretty happy that I was able to beat it practically by myself :smiley:

Nice bro congrats :smiley:

Congrats I solo nightfall with my fire scout rifle :smile:

Well done mate…

I’m gonna try this tomorrow once my vanguard marks reset.

Some people just have all the luck…
I, teamed up with a Lvl. 26 & 27, completed the Nightfall only to be rewarded 11x Ascendent Shards.
Granted, those are useful, but I’ve seen others receive exotics!

…will be attempting the newer Nightfall if anyone on the X360 that I’ve added wants to join.

how… ive plaied many on top of many hours and i have not found a single primary weapon that does element damage…? justsayin nor have i ever seen one

Weapons received from the raid often has a element enchament on it, including primaries.