I am introducing myself and asking a tech question

I am a complete beginner to game modding and keen to learn as much as I can about doing it for the XBox 360. I already posted a question about this, copied below, but could not see how to read any replies on the site so am trying again. It would be much appreciated if anyone could explain to me exactly how to read any replies as well as answering the question.

I often have difficulty progressing through the games as my interest is mainly in following the story not killing enemies or solving puzzles. Many games have no difficulty settings or cheats. I have now discovered a way around this: to install saved games downloaded from the internet using Modio. I tried this with a game when I accidentally deleted the only saved game and was obliged to return to the start. However I found that my profile and device numbers seemed to change every time I followed the procedure and then the rehashed and resigned save was not recognized by the console when USB was reinserted. I have already wasted hours struggling with this and can find no relevant solution online. Could you please answer these questions:

Do I need to update my 360 to the latest version to configure USB for transfer of the saves? If I do will I find any tiresome “improvements” to the console’s performance that I would be better without? Do these saves work if you follow the procedure outlined in YouTube videos on the subject?


For the topics created by you - you’ll get notification on the top right corner of the screen when your avatar is (there should appear a number and if you left click your avatar there will appear a list of current messages/achievements and so on). You can follow any topic by clicking “bookmark” button. And you can always look in the forums for specific topic by date or using search function. I recommend going through ‘new user tutourial’ (you should get msg from @discobot ) - helps you navigate things at the beginning.

As for your question regarding XBOX i don’t own it so can’t help you there - moderator will most likely help you with that soon.


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I have found a way to make the experience of playing some games on my XBox 360 more fun by downloading and rehashing and resigning savegames with advanced parameters or by downloading trainers that allow one to do this oneself. I have however found some games impossible to find such things for and would be very grateful for links to same for the following games:

Assassins Creed Black Flag

Dragon Age Inquisition

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Witcher 2 enhanced edition

In each case I would like a save with maxed out health ( or invulnerability if possible ) a nd best weapons and experience points or similar but at the beginning of the game’s story as I want to play through all the game.

Some of the savegames and trainers I have found require one to download them using Mediafire which then asks one to accept all sorts of invasive “permissions”. Are these a problem?