I am new here

Hello, my name is Matthew Richmond. I go by the internet alias “ToxicLlama”.

I have recently picked up an Xbox 360 for very cheap, and wanted to get started modding it. Horizon seems like a great place to get started with that, so I look forward to finding out what I can do!

Do you guys know any tips for modding a non-Live profile? I am on dashboard 16767 if that makes any difference.

Welcome to the site! Remember to read the rules! If you need any help feel free to message me or any of the moderators here! =)

Anyways, what would you like to do? USB Modding or Jtag/RGH Modding?

If you want to start small and do USB Modding, first format your USB Drive to your Xbox 360.

I plan to smart small with USB modding. Currently I have already formatted the USB, moved my non-live profile data over, and have opened it in Horizon.

I am hoping that there is some way that I can add some games without Diamond, as I am literally broke. (parents don’t give me money for chores or anything)

Hello and welcome mate…
You do realise that you can’t add actual games that you can play, the game adder gives you the ability to unlock achievements for these games and not play them. :cry:
If you have any questions just ask, there is always someone here to offer you a hand.
Be active and enjoy the site!!

Unless you have a flashed Xbox that can play burned games, there’s no way to get games for free other than “Games with gold” every month. But welcome to the site! Great to have you here!

Aww. That’s too bad.

How does “Games with gold” work?

Well, you need an Xbox LIVE gold account for one. So, online accessibility. Then every month Microsoft gives you two free titles each month. The first one is released on the 1st of each month and the second on the 16th of each month. Usually the first title is an arcade game and the second is an actual title. This month on the 16th the free game is Halo: Reach. Do you have a gold account?

EDIT: Also, if you have a credit card hooked up to your Xbox, Borderlands 2 is $4.99 right now.