I am playing Castle Vaina lord of shadows. keeps on crashing

Don’t understand what’s wrong with the game can someone update the game and fix it

Hello! :slight_smile:

Our developers here at WeMod are absolutely fantastic. But unfortunately, they cannot fix other people’s software. In the same way that Microsoft can’t fix Apple’s problems.

Crashes are generally the result of user-sided hardware issues, such as but not limited to:

  • Not meeting the minimum specs to run the game.
  • Not having enough available RAM.
    • Note: Just because your PC has, let’s say as an example, 16GB of RAM, that doesn’t mean you actually have 16GB available to use - other programs are using that RAM too. Control your background software to free up RAM.
  • Insufficient power supply.
  • Damaged power supply.
  • Memory leaks.
  • Overheating.

Crashes can also be caused by software, such as viruses and game bugs.

If you’re having an issue with the game, you’ll need to post in the game’s official community. We can’t really give support for third-party products. :slight_smile:

The game only crashes in one instance of the game when they old guy explains bit of story with the book at the start of the mission and sometimes when he’s reading at the end of the mission. I could be wrong at the end of mission thing but to be safe I written it there

What cheats are being used? There’s a problem with this trainer. If you use all of them including Unlimited Energy then the game will crash. If you use it without, so only Health and Focus you can play the game without having it to crash.


Sometimes that can be the problem. But doesn’t always have to be. I have a good comp with a I7 7700K processor, MSI GTX 1080TI and 16gb DDR4. And even i get sometimes errors and crashes when using trainers from WeMod. And all of my games i play on Steam, nothing illegal like cracked games.

Nothing wrong with my computer my computer can run the game fine it’s one part where it does not work you know the part I am talking about where the old man explains Belmont thoughts and the story’s with the book at the start of the mission also I used all of the cheats for the game I hope