I can not launch Horizon

I downloaded your application from your website. Installed it and I can’t start it.

I really need Horizon for xexmenu xbox 360.
Or tell me how to make a bootable flash drive in a different way :slight_smile:

I hope you understand. I’m just from Russia, and I don’t know English well. I wrote everything in a google translator


Do you get any error messages at all?
Make sure Horizon is added as an exception in your antivirus and then try again. :slight_smile:

Me too, I’m using Windows 10, installed netframework 3.5 , and the app doesn’t boot, does nothing not even an error message

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As stated in the post above, add it as an exception in your antivirus.

Also can you consider making sure you have .NET Framework 4.8, which is the latest version?
.NET Framework 3.5 was released 19 years ago in 2002.
(Yes, 2002 was 19 years ago. Feel old now? :laughing: ).

i have all the files that i need installed and windows defender is off. but when i start horizon the horizon spash comes up on the screen and then nothing happends. i have tried running it as an administrator but that doesnt work ither. i have the .NET framework 4.8 downloaded and installed. but it still doesent wanna start. I have also tried to reinstall horizon but that was no luck. anything else i can try to do?

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