I can only activate some cheats once

For example, when I use the gta 5 trainer, I can only repair my car one time, or maybe heal myself once, any other time it doesn’t work. This has happened with quite a few games with the same issue, but I have no problem whatsoever toggling certain cheats like godmode, etc. Anyone know a fix?

Are you using the Latest version v2.0 of INFINITY ?

What happens, if you try to activate the CHEATS the second time ? Does the game trainer crash with any error message, or the cheat option just toggles OFF by itself ?

If you toggle any activated Trainer option, then that particular cheat will get deactivated.

Anyway, if you can provide more details from your side, then it would be nice. Do you have your games installed on STEAM, ORIGIN, or GOG etc. ?

What other GAME titles are giving this similar issue ? It could be possible that some game Trainers may require an update as well, so only the DEVs can help you with this, if there is any version mismatch.

Do a clean re-install of the Infinity app from scratch, if need be.

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Can you be more specific? Each trainer is different and if you can activate a trainer that means its an issue specific to that trainer only (the cheat might need an update) not infinity.

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I’m using the latest version. When I try to activate cheats the second time, absolutely nothing happens, i.e. I heal myself in gta 5 and it gives me max health and max armor, but when I lose health again and try to heal myself, nothing happens, or when I try to repair my car, it repairs it perfectly fine the first time, but the second time does nothing.
My games are installed on steam and uplay, and so far the only games I’ve tried are Far Cry 4 and GTA 5, both of the trainers had this issue (with vehicle repair on both, and adding skill points). But the thing is, the things that are toggled and can be used forever (godmode, no fall damage, unlimited ammo, etc) work fine, it’s only the cheats that do things to the character or game once, causing you to reactivate it when something happens that affects it.

I reinstalled infinity, so I’m definitely using the newest version, but it still isn’t working properly.

Yeah its not an infinity issue.

I didn’t make those trainers so i don’t know why but i’ll tag @unknown_v2 and @STiNGERR they might know why