I cannot believe they haven't sorted out the install times yet

You run home, your new game in hand and a smile on your face ready to throw your new game into your console and play. You get home, sit in your chair, shaking in excitement you can hardly contain yourself, you rip off the seal and open the case, you grab the game and throw it in your xbox one.

“preparing to install…”

“Installing 1%”

26 hours later, by this point you’re drowsy and moody, you just spent 60$/£40 on a game and can’t play it!

“installing 32%”

3 weeks and 4 days later

“installing 99%”

The smile quickly returns to your face and you jump with glee as your game is FINALLY nearly done installing

“Halo 5 ready to play”


“Xbox needs to download an update: 9gb”

throws Xbox out of Window

installation times may be exaggerated

I just use Instant-On mode. It doesn’t always have to be set to that either, just when you become aware of a release date for a game you want or an update. I always buy my games digitally now, it downloads and installs a week early. I appreciate it’s not always cheaper but that’s why I GameShare, my half works out cheaper than a hard copy and digital copy. Win Win for me!

Move to pc gaming.
Thats one thing i dont miss an eternal update.

Already moved ages ago.

Consoles are ****e

Get faster internet?

So averaging 5.9 mb/s download. I average 8.9 mb/s download, really depends on how many people are your exchange in the day, as this well affect performance.

Also, if your using their all-in-router which personally is crap throughput of that will probably affect it, luckily I’m running an Asus RT-AC68U with Sky Fibre.

Games on my PS4 install in 30 seconds.

The internet isn’t responsible.