I cannot get borderlands dlc to work correctly. What am i doing wrong?

I got all 4 dlc from myxboxsaves.com and i got them onto my 360. I cant get them to appear in game. What am i doing wrong?

It’s most likely a title update issue. Do you know if you have the latest title update, or any?

Also, do the DLCs show in storage on your 360, and not show as corrupted?

If you need an update and cannot connect to Xbox Live go here to get it: http://xboxunity.net/

So i didnt change anything that i know of and now all 4 are working.
thanks for your help anyway.

If I remember correctly you need to be at least level 10 to fast travel to Jacobs Cove(Zombie Island). Check and see if it’s available at a fast travel station, if you are level 10.

I recommend that you get the latest title update and install it. I think 5 is the last one for Borderlands.

You could also try re-downloading, and re-adding the DLCs. I downloaded all mine from Here. And they all worked properly. You will need the latest title update for all of them to work though.