I can't activate any cheat on Enter the Gungeon

When I press the “Play” button the game start but I can’t toggle any cheat, and it’s not a checkmark next to play, I don’t know what can I do… Infinity.log (135.0 KB)

Do you have the latest steam version of the game?

And to save people time, error:
ERROR [trainer] Failed to load trainer DLL!
ERROR [trainer] An error occured. Last Win32: 0x000000c1

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I have the version 1.1.0 but it’s not on steam, I don’t know if is the last version of the game

That is probably the issue then. Old versions usually don’t work.

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Ok, I’ll try to update the game, then try again. Thanks

I update the game to the last Version [1.1.4] But doesn’t work too :frowning:

Get latest steam version. Or pirate 64bit etg version of you can

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I actually have the latest steam version. How can I run the game on 64bits? When I open the task manager appears “EtG (32 bits)”

It is not an option. Game changed its architecture midway through its development from 32bit to 64bit. So if you have the latest steam version, you will be running 64bit. Since you’re not, you just claim to have latest steam version or maybe steam just hates you and is running you on older version for some strange reason.

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