I can't active cheats Enter the gungeon

INFO [trainer] We’re in! PID: 3056, TID: 15492
DEBUG [trainer] Game Timestamp: 1450365300
DEBUG [trainer] Trainer DLL: C:\Users\Ngoc Son\AppData\Roaming\Infinity\App\trainers\Trainer_47_7cbef303ac.dll
DEBUG [trainer] Registering unhandled exception filter…
DEBUG [trainer] Connecting to Infinity…
DEBUG [trainer-init] Trainer initialized!
DEBUG [trainer] Loading the trainer into the process…
ERROR [trainer] Failed to load trainer DLL!
ERROR [trainer] An error occured. Last Win32: 0x000000c1
DEBUG [support-tasks] filesystem:1173 executed.
0 {“action”:“resolve-symlinks”,“paths”:[“D:\Downloads\Enter.The.Gungeon.v1.0.4.TELASM-Full.Vforum.VN\Enter.The.Gungeon.v1.0.4.TELASM-Full.Vforum.VN”,“C:\GOG Games\Enter the Gungeon”]}
DEBUG [support-tasks] filesystem:1173 completed.
0 {}

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