I cant add a directory

I cant add a directory to Enter The Gungeon, as i torrented it

Buy the game then.

n o t h a n k s

We don’t support cracked games.

i have loads of cracked games that infinity works with though

Just because it works doesn’t mean we support it. Snake gave you the only answer we can.

Well i cant add a directory for any of them games, not just enter the gungeon

You just said they all work besides this one.

no i didnt

You did but alright. Regardless we cannot help you more than tell you to buy it or find a better crack.

i meant cracked games work with it, not adding directorys. its all games now though, like ones ive bought, i cant add directorys

What happens when you try to add them?

Nothing, I click it and i select the directory and it doesnt add to the list of directorys

Then you are not selecting the correct folder. Select the base game folder.

Okay ive found out how to do it, however when i run the game it loads up the game but then infinity doesnt work with it

If you have bought the game from the right distributor, post about any trainer related issues in the trainer threads.

well ive bought it now and its still doing the same, any ideas?

Cracked version of etg is 32bit, steam version is 64bit. Unless you find a 64bit torrent it’s never going to work.