I cant configure my usb!

I just went and bought a 4g usb so i can use horizon on my xbox. i am also a diamond member. well i got home and plugged in my brand new USB device, and i went to configure it. well when i was trying to do that, it came up with an error message saying it can not configure due to something about data loss. ? help!? it was a $20 USB!:worried:

where did you configure it on you xbox or pc

$20 on a 4gb? damn you got jipped got my 16gb for 15 bucks anyways as said above are you configuring form the pc or the xbox?

Plug it into your computer and format it and then try plugging it into the xbox 360 and configuring it.

Is it just telling you DATA will be lost? Just hit continue and let the xbox perform the format on the device.

Plug it into your computer, then format it. Plug it back into the Xbox.

i was trying to configure it on my xbox. but how do i format it on my pc?


The xbox wont recognize it, but right click the device from your computer and click format, and format it as FAT32

Plug it up, then go to My Computer and find the USBs letter thing. Should be E. Right click and format.

Right click on the flash drive when you go to Computer in the Start Menu.

i just followed your intructions guys, i formatted it. then went to my xbox, tried to configure it, but it still came upwith the same error message! :cry:

You cannot format a USB to Xbox 360 specifications on a PC. It formats it to FAT32 and creates the partition file volume when you select “Configure Now”.

To shed some light on this error message: This system runs a series of tests prior to formatting. The tests include performance tests such as read/write and data loss tests. If any tests fails, you won’t be able to configure it because it will offer really bad performance as a save device.

If it performs below recommendations, but doesn’t fail, it will let you use it, but will give you a warning.

If it performs above recommendations, you have a really fast save device.

didnt work guys :anguished:

@Eaton - That’s what I thought he was getting, Just the notification saying your device isn’t recommended, which doesnt stop you from using it.

Your device failing a data loss test should tell you something. The system is not letting you use it for your own protection. I wouldn’t want to use a USB that would randomly corrupt my valuable content.

Spend some money to get a high performance USB, like the official SanDisk ones. You won’t regret it.

In some cases, it will refuse to let you use it at all if the tests score very poorly.

Eaton, so what should I do?

Spend some money to get a high performance USB, like the official SanDisk ones. You won’t regret it.

Return the USB for another one.

ok. tomorrow i will try using my brothers one. he never used it. and its a very expensive sandisk with 32G.