I cant enable cheats

Im trying to use the feed and grow fish trainer, but when i try to enable the infinite health, stamina, cannibalism, basically ANY of the cheats, they IMMEDIATLEY flip back to off. the only 2 that work are infinite currency, and the speed editor, but even the speed editor dosent seem to do anything. now, with those 2 “working”, i have 1 question.
did they lock 90% of a games cheats behind pro?

We do not have any cheats that require Pro. Are you using other mods? All of the cheats activate fine for me

other mods? you can use other mods with this?

Yes, the game has mod support but since you didn’t know that I’m going to assume that you don’t have any others installed. Do you have the game from Steam and have you tried adding an exception for WeMod in your antivirus?

i dont actually have it from steam, is there any way around that? also, yes, antivirus is fine with it.

If you don’t have it from Steam there is no way for us to guarantee that everything will work.

One of the games that hides behind PRO is Halo 3.

We do not have any games that require Pro. ALL cheats can be activated with the hotkeys.