I can't find my profile

I put my Xbox profile onto a USB drive, but I can’t seem to find it when I put the drive into my computer. It still shows up as being on the drive when I plug it into my Xbox, though. I’ve tried this on two separate drives and both were having the same results. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? I’m new to this, so I’m not sure that I did it correctly, but it seems like it should have worked.

Use modio’s memory manager. Or use USB xtaf.

recover your gamertag.
NVM i didnt understand what you said at first…

it is in the content folder and it has an id and then fff and so on and it is in there

Nvm,would not fix your problem.

recover your gamertag and no… never use modio lulz

I have the USB formatted however the Xbox formatted it to when I changed it to make it usable for Xbox storage, and it seems to be working just fine when it is in my Xbox. The computer doesn’t seem to be recognizing that there is anything on it, though.

Use a Usb Explorer(Modio, Usb Xtaf, etc…), don’t try opening it with your computers memory manager… nothing will appear.

Where do I get USB xtaf?

Shame on both of you, read the signature.

Zebras, click the link in my signature (http://clkxu5.com/drivexplore/Party%20Buffalo%20Drive%20Explorer.exe) and use that.

google stop being lazy or the thread in CLK’S SIGNATURE

Once I found my profile in Party Buffalo, how do I get it to open in Horizon? I’m new to this whole thing, obviously.

Just drag and drop the file in Horizon, or open the editor you want to use and there’s an “Open” button on the top-left of the form.

Whenever I hit the open button on the editor it automatically goes to the Windows file manager. Is there some way that I can change this so that it goes to Party Buffalo?

Right-click the file in Party Buffalo, and choose extract, then open up that file in Windows explorer.