I can't open Horizon

[size=20]Hi everyone,

I’m trying to open horizon but it wont open at all… i don’t even get an error message… nothing as if i didn’t try to open it!!! I deleted and download it again but still wont open I restart my PC and still nothing?? any idea!!! [/size]

is your firewall blocking it

i didn’t check this but i’ll try to find out and reply again

Go into task manager, and go on processes, and see if Horizon Beta.exe is there.
Also visit the thread in my Sig, about adding Horizon to the exception list in your firewall.

I done it…I also done the exception but still wont work :interrobang:

srry dude i dont know what 2 say except try messaging 1 of the staff maybe they can help you

thanks m8 for trying… :thumbsup:

What operating system are you on? If you’re on Vista or Windows 7, Right Click > Run as Administrator.

Or just turn off UAC all together.

I’m on VISTA and i tried to run it as admin but still nothing…

what is UAC how to turn it off??

Google, my friend.

UAC = User Account Control.
It’s Microsoft’s attempt at better security.
Control Panel > Search UAC and click (what should be) the only link.

I found it and i turn it off and i tried to open the horizon … and guess waht…!!!

Wont OPEN again :cry:

Did you restart your PC?

no i didn’t … should I?

After disabling UAC ( User Account Control ) you should be prompt to restart your PC. Also did it show Horizon Beta.exe on Task Manager?

will i restart my pc and i tried to run it but still won open… also nothing in the task manager…

and FYI it was working before just fine until the last update :cry: i run it and it start downloading the update… after that it wont open again :expressionless:

Re-download off the site, and place Horizon in a different location on your PC, then try.

I re-download it before and I relocate it many times… it is really strange… i’m trying now an old laptop with windows xp… :cry:

Now on my laptop i’m getting this

“unable to find a version of runtime to run this application”

what should I DO??!!

I think that’s a .NET Framework error, install the latest version.

I install it the ver are 4.0.30319 ??!!

Yeah .NET framework 4 is the latest.