I don't know how to use Infinity trainers and can't find any guide on the web

Have been googling up and down but there isn’t a guide for using infinity trainers. I don’t think Wemod website has an user’s guide either.

Or am i missing something? Any info is much appreciated.

There is no guide on using Infinity. What do you need help with?

I’m playing Divinity Original Sin 2 with Steam. Started the game in Infinity, but cannot toggle the cheats.

What happens when you press the key it is linked to?

Im having the same issue. When i press the button, it makes the noise like it activated, but nothing happens, It just doesnt work. Tried with ALL my games

Which games?

This is the Police, Stellaris, and Star WarsGold Edition

Hello T, way to respond after 26 days hahah
I reccomend the following steps:

  1. Delete infinity
  2. Delete the cache files of infinity, can be found in this location " %appdata%/Daring Development " and " %localappdata%/infinity " . You can also use this tool to do it-> - ICDV2.bat - .
  3. Download and install again.

I teorized that the problem is corrupted files or something like that cause is in three different games.

@ToRxEdits Stellaris needs update so yeah, they won’t work. Not sure about the other two as i didn’t make those.