I figured out how to hack Plague Inc for the iPhone/iPad

Okay so you need iFile and Plague Inc.

Okay so goto iFile and find you plague inc app under…

Applications and goto Plague.app and find what ever level your on which is like this,
If your on bacteria find. Bacteria.txt
And so on, like so. Fungus.txt parasite.txt

Now find this.

[name of whatever level your on] Tech Data Export : 29/05/12 at 19:27*

  • name:Air 1
  • grid_type:transmission
  • grid_position:40
  • base_graphic:air_transmission
  • graphic_overlay:tech_1
  • description:Gives pathogen ability to travel on dust particles. Increase infectivity, especially in arid environments and plane transmission
  • tech_requirement_or:0
  • tech_requirement_and:0
  • start_point:1
  • cost:-9. <------------------------------ Now change this to +9999
  • change_to_infectiousness:4
  • change_to_severity:0
  • change_to_lethality:0
  • change_to_land_transmission:0
  • change_to_sea_transmission:0
  • change_to_air_transmission:9
  • change_to_wealthy:0
  • change_to_poverty:0
  • change_to_urban:0
  • change_to_rural:0
  • change_to_hot:0
  • change_to_cold:0
  • change_to_humid:0
  • change_to_arid:0.8
  • change_to_corpse_transmission:0
  • change_to_cure_base_multiplier:0
  • change_to_research_inefficiency_multiplier:0
  • change_to_mutation:0

Then open plague inc and goto the disease thing and open
Transmission and buy Air 1 and you will get 9999 DNA

Your Welcome! If It has been found b4 tell me and I’ll give credit,