I found a more simplistic way to allow for up to twenty more cheats AND save on current cheats hotkeys [Trainer Compacter Formula!]

Here is an image of the trainer suggestion.
If it was changed to this you as trainer makers could all benefit from it, saving current cheats and allowing 20+ more, I highly encourage head joint of staff see this, it’s more compact, simplified, and allows for more cheats, you could add things like “Add all blue prints” and “add all crafting components +500” and maybe “infinite cartridge modules” also:

This is just using atomic heart as an example. This frankly can apply, with some tweaking, to ALL trainers.

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I feel like this is a rough draft. There are but so many combinations on a keyboard that can be used. You have to also remember that this couldn’t be added into all games as each game has their own key mappings and you sometimes can’t step over their mappings.

You’re on a good track but I don’t think this can be applied to as many games as you think.

Also, maybe I’m understanding this wrong, but I see with your proposed mappings a loss of customization with specific cheats not being able to be enabled/disabled.

the ones in purple are simply suggestions, with ALT+` being used for the ultra powerful stuff, mainly one hit kill.

For some reason I don’t have access to IMGUR anymore. Probably due to an update considering certain screenshots, so I have included a link via imageuploader: