I found something that my sister has been worshiping in her room

She’s 21, and had a small statue thing of a skeleton with a cape, kind of looks like death with apples, cigars, chocolates, candles and lit matches around it…should I be scared? does anyone know about it?

I’d be packing up to leave if I were you, that’s some level 5 crazy right there.

Sounds like a strange rendition of Día de los Muertos

One word. RUN!

That’s normal after the teenage years, they have to cope somehow.

I would ask her what’s up with it. Has she been acting different lately?

I don’t know of Day of the Dead traditions being practiced with any sorts of food offerings. I may be wrong, because I’m just going off of what I learned in Spanish class.

Are you Mexican by any chance? I’m pretty sure that’s something that culture does ask your parents if you are and they could probably explain it more in depth to you lol

Anything differnt? Uhhh no…but its creepy…i sleep in the room next to hers…

My mom is from argentina and my dad is from here but is mexican…they told me the name is la santa muerta in english its the holy death…they told me its just a fantasy to do bad to people and be protected from her

Lol well there you go

Its still creepy knowing while i was sleeping she was doing that on the other side

Haha yeah that is pretty weird I’d be creeped out too

I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Girls will be girls and sometimes ****ing freaks.

Sounds like the first steps in Necromancy. xD

She is summoning demons! You have to summon more demons than her and stop her from conquering the world!

I’d record it though so we can see this demon battle

my dik

…i kid. pics of said object?

She’s summoning the Gaming God to get ready to rape some players in Destiny.

Im not home, but my mom got rid of it…ill find some on google or google search la santa muerta