I got banned

Hello, i got banned using wemod. I was playing nba 2k22, and i used wemod for like 3-4 days and grinded mycarrer. Then i went to sleep, i wake up and see ban.

dont cheat & u wont get banned lol simple as that

LOL, how dumb can you be?


You will only ever be banned for using trainers if you attempted to use them in online/multiplayer game modes.

Trainers are only for offline/solo game modes, no matter where you get them from. This is common knowledge - and information the community or search engines can provide you beforehand.
Game developers don’t care what you do in single-player modes as you’re not affecting the experience for their other paying customers. But they will have a problem with it if you attempt to cheat online, even though trainers have less than a 1% chance of working there (and if they do it’s due to the game developer’s oversight).

This recent post here explains in better detail why trainers are not for online gameplay: How to use WeMod in Co-op Multiplayer Godfall? - #2 by Ravenfyre.

Contact the game’s support team to politely appeal. Be apologetic and agreeable, not combative and sarcastic, then they may reconsider. There’s nothing WeMod can do to help.