I have a question

how can i upload my mod?

@frank or @Chris are your best bets for discussing this :slight_smile:

Chris is on the discord server now

I would like to upload my Amnesia Persona Mods here… or is this not the right place?

@frank and @Chris Pretty much are always around either here of the WeMod discord server. They run the joint and will be able to tell you the process for uploading mods. A normal user does not have the right permissions and access.

It isn’t possible at this time. You are free to post your cheat table if you want but we currently have no way for users to submit trainers. We do have plans to add it but there are a few things that need to happen before that.

Ah I see, so I am totally wrong here … I am a developer, musician and voice actor, who mixes these things in new games for hpl2 game engine … sorry I thought could host them

You can!. Just post them? what’s the issue with that.

ah ok so I could post links for download in a thread I make for my mods?


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