I high XP, high level, and most items say I need more skills?

I just learned I had these options, so I am lost when it comes to this, I’ll admit at the start.

  1. I have 0/891,451 XP - 46 skill level - 46 points and in all the categories I pretty much on have the 1st of the 4 rows or skills unlocked? In the game it shows, what I think is that I am level 3.

  2. I played it once, and now I am playing a new game, I am almost positive I have guns like the 45 MG in the primary. Now my primary is just boozers shotgun, a basic MG and an ok MG (sorry, I am in the game in a story task and no at my gun locker so I can’t get the names). But under special I am getting a more and more of what I though I could have in the primary. Like the 1st time I played, I had the 45 MG as primary and the 55 as special. And I think it was the big 53 cal sniper rifle as special too. Am i doing something wrong here? Can’t I move something to primary? I know I can pick up weapons, but most have just a pistol or an ak 25 type weapon. And when I kill the sniper with the laser sight, I find him on the ground, and no weapon, so I can’t pick that one up.
    Any help would be greatly apricated.

Which game are you referring to?

Sorry, I am still learning the flow of this community section. I thought I was in the “Days Gone” section. That is the game I need help with.