I’m Tired. (GTAVO Rant + Help Request)

I’ve grinded. And grinded. And grinded. Through all of rockstars games. Religiously and loyally. The original online version came out and I thought “what a wonderful way to connect with a community I know we’re all gonna love. We can kill, steal, and relentlessly murder our ways to the top together. AWESOME.” And it was. It really was. But then here comes GTAV. If something’s beautiful i guess someone just has to f*** with it eventually. So here it came. Paywall after paywall. Perched over the balcony, pants around ankles, shaft in hand. Without the courtesy of even calling it rain. And I’m done. I’m broken. I tried to beat them, told myself I’d make the money in game to get past it. But then the daily charges came. The tree trunk in my mud hole. In game daily charges. 20k for this 9k for that. Every coupe of hours it starts to add up. And I’m just done. So to whatever services are out there. Whoever can help. I’m gonna throw my console out of my window in about 47 minutes.

Thanks in advance,