I modded my GTA V Story mode, why isn't it working?

I recently Modded GTA V story mode using horizon(not diamond), I put it on my USB 2.0 and put it in my Xbox360. can someone help me figure out why it isn’t working?

are you sure you selected the right save state?

Could you be a little more specific about what’s wrong? Is the save not loading or is it just not modded? Or something else maybe…?

This is not very specific but I can try to help.If it is not modded and you have downloaded a save possibly you did not save reach and resign,change the console id,title id ect; or possibly you modded a different character.
Best GTA 5 modding program:http://x3t-infinity.com/Home.php?ID=4
If you want to use a better tool by the same person but requires downloading:http://http://www.x3t-infinity.com/DownloadGTAV.php
Videos on how to use the tool can be found here:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1qExm8ObntVVNqZOopMlCw
If you need any further help be sure to PM me and I will try and help!

does it freeze when you load up the game like what does it do???

[No need of showing incorrect information]

I guess I’m not allowed to use this then…

On topic : Are you sure you’re saving it? If so, be sure to load the correct save by pausing the game > going to Game > load save > and be sure to select your USB device

For some reason alot of members think that when It’s been free all along.

[No need of showing incorrect information]

Nowhere on the site is it listed as a Diamond only tool. Check Here, and the list Here just shows you all the game modding tools in Horizon, regular, and Diamond.

Just so you can reference what games require diamond to mod and what games are free to mod, and what games require diamond, head here: https://www.horizonmb.com/threads/167817-Horizon-Games-that-are-free-and-require-Diamond!?highlight=games+that+require+diamond.

That is why Steve and I gave you the link necessary that lists what games require diamond to mod and what games are free to mod. Some people who look at that list of games you just posted and think that all those games require diamond, when in all actuality, only certain games require diamond. Big shout out to n I c k for that list.

yeah yeah, point taken. Must have confused it with something else… :confused: